You need an approved show before you can book recording slots. If you are not approved, please first submit a SHOW FORM from this page. If you are approved for a show, please complete the booking calendar to book your slot. Please read the requirements before you book.

Requirements for remote recording

  • A reliable internet connection (wired preferred over wireless).
  • Use of a laptop, a personal computer or a smart mobile phone
  • A webcam or a camera connected to your computer.
  • You may connect a microphone (if required) to your computer.

How it works
(Please plan the show as this is a remote or on location live recording)

  • First you book a day and time that you want to record your show.
  • We will email you confirmation and further instructions.
  • (only for remote recordings)┬áIncluded in this email we will arrange to do a test before recording.
  • On the day, we will record your show as planned.
  • After, we will edit and broadcast your show as scheduled
You should always make sure that your mic and camera are connected before you log into a recording. We also suggest that you use a set of headphones to avoid feedback. More details wit your booking email.
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