The arrival of online video marketing  has made it one of the most powerful marketing tool for businesses online. Our internet TV provides a perfect place for your business promotional video. We know that you can deliver a completed video to us, but we also want you to know that the production of your video advertisement can be done by us within a few weeks. Complete the form and let us get you on target.

Banner advertising can be ordered and an invoice will created for payment. To order a banner, complete the form below and select Banner Ads. We will then contact you to arrange everything. Our banner space best offers range from CPC £1.50 per 100 clicks, CPM £1.20 per 2000 impression and CPD £5.00 per 7days. We can also design and create your banner and video ads if you do not have one.

Request Video or Page Banner Ads

Commercials for TV Shows – (1) once per time Band (Cost weekly – CPW )

Segment Time Band (GMT) 60sec 45sec 30sec 20sec 15sec 10sec
Day Time 6am – 18:00 £55 £40 £35 £30 £25 £20
Peak Eve. Time 8pm – 22:00 £70 £55 £50 £45 £40 £35
Night Time 23:30 – 6:00 £40 £25 £20 £15 £10 £5

TV Show Sponsors – Advertising Category Rates

*charges are for ONLY one show in one category

Categories No. of Categories CPW
Lifestyle/Music/News/Sports/Trade (norm TV) 1 £85
Live events sponsors 1 £200 per event
Advertising on Live EVENTS broadcast £85.00 per ad per event